Imena dijakritičkih znakova na engleskom jeziku

~ tilde (rhymes with Hilda)
! exclamation mark
@ I just know it as the ‘at’ symbol
# hash
$ dollar (don’t tell me you didn’t know that one. ;-D )
% per cent
^ caret (I think that’s the correct spelling and I think it’s pronounced cah (as in cat) and then ray so cah-ray)
& ampersand
* asterisk
( left bracket
) right bracket
_ underscore
– hyphen
= equals
+ plus (bet you had to go to school to learn the last two – lol)
{ left parenthesis
} right parenthesis (these are also called “curly brackets”)
[ forgotten
] also forgotten but it’s the right one! I think they are just known as square brackets but do have a proper name.
| pipe – the picture on the key looks like two lines, one above the other.
\ backslash
: colon
; semi-colon
” inverted comma
‘ apostrophe
< left angled bracket or left chevron
> right angled bracket or right chevron
, comma
. fullstop
? question mark
/ slash


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