Open Source SIEM

OSSIM is the most widely used SIEM offering, thanks in no small part to the open source community that has promoted its use. OSSIM provides all of the capabilities that a security professional needs from a SIEM offering, event collection, normalization, correlation and incident response – but it also does far more. Not simply satisfied with integrating data from existing security tools, OSSIM is built on the Unified Security Management platform which provides a common framework for the deployment, configuration, and management of your security tools.

Today more than 30 open-source security tools are built into this framework, making OSSIM the fastest way to start and the easiest way to manage a comprehensive security program. AlienVault provides ongoing development and support for the project because we believe that everyone should have access to the sophisticated security technologies that are required to keep us secure. This included the companies that are too small to afford, the researchers who need a platform to experiment on, and the unsung heroes who can’t convince their companies that security is a problem.

For users who think they might require the commercial offering whose proceeds are used to continue supporting this project please visit AlienVault to find out more.