Problem sa VMware vSphere ESXi 5.1 i HP Ultrium LTO4

For ESXi 5.1 is the same command as for ESXi 5.0.

ESXi 5.0 command
esxcli storage nmp satp rule add –satp VMW_SATP_LOCAL –driver=”aic79xx” –description=”AHA 29320 LPE”

ESXi 5.1 command
esxcli storage nmp satp rule add –satp VMW_SATP_LOCAL –driver=”aic79xx” –description=”AHA 29320 LPE”

To check the rules run the command:
esxcli storage nmp satp rule list |grep Adaptec

Problem sa priikazom MKV videa na Philips TV

Philips televizori podržavaju MKV kontejnere sa MPEG1, MPEG-2, ACC i AC3 audio zapisom, pa ukoliko video sadržava DTS audio kodek potrebno je napraviti konverziju audio zapisa sa recimo AC3 audio kodekom.

Konverzija audio zapisa iz DTS u AC3 kroz CLI na Linux-u:
ffmpeg -i ime_fajla.DTS.x264.mkv -acodec ac3 -vcodec copy ime_fajla.AC3.x264.mkv

ifconfig vs ip

ifconfig vs ip

The command /bin/ip has been around for some time now. But people continue using the older command /sbin/ifconfig. Let’s be clear: ifconfig will not quickly go away, but its newer version, ip, is more powerful and will eventually replace it.

The man page of ip may look intimidating at first, but once you get familiar with the command syntax, it is an easy read. This page will not introduce the new features of ip. It rather features a side-by-side comparison if ifconfigand ip to get a quick overview of the command syntax.

Show network devices and configuration 

ip addr show
ip link show

Enable a network interface 

ifconfig eth0 up
ip link set eth0 up

A network interface is disabled in a similar way:

ifconfig eth0 down
ip link set eth0 down

Set IP address 

ifconfig eth0
ip address add dev eth0

This was the simple version of the command. Often, also the network mask or the broadcast address need to be specified. The following examples show the ifconfig and ip variants.

Needless to say that the netmask can also be given in CIDR notation, e.g. as

ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast
ip addr add broadcast dev eth0

Delete an IP address 

With ip it is also possible to delete an address:

ip addr del dev eth0

Add alias interface 

ifconfig eth0:1
ip addr add dev eth0 label eth0:1

ARP protocol 

Add an entry in your ARP table.

arp -i eth0 -s 00:11:22:33:44:55
ip neigh add lladdr 00:11:22:33:44:55 nud permanent dev eth0

Switch ARP resolution off on one device

ifconfig -arp eth0
ip link set dev eth0 arp off

What is freeSSHD?

freeSSHd, like it’s name says, is a free implementation of an SSH server. It provides strong encryption and authentication over insecure networks like Internet. Users can open remote console or even access their remote files thanks to buit-in SFTP server.

Skidanje web sajta kroz CLi sa wget

Ova komanda slika web sajt na adresi

wget –recursive –no-clobber –page-requisites –html-extension –convert-links –restrict-file-names=windows –domains –no-parent

Opis opcija koje su korište redom:

  • –recursive: skini cijeli websajt
  • –no-clobber: nemoj prepisati ve? skinute datoteke (u slu?aju da je skidanje prekinuto i ponovno pokrenuto)
  • –page-requisites: skini sve komponente koje ?ine stranicu (slike, CSS, js i ostalo)
  • –html-extension: snimi datoteke sa .html nastavkom/ekstenzijom
  • –convert-links: pretvori linkove da su funkcionalni i lokalno korištenje (off-line)
  • –restrict-file-names=windows: promijeni imena datoteka da rade ispravno u Windows-ima
  • –domains nemoj pratiti linkove koji nisu na domeni
  • –no-parent: nemoj pratiti linkove izvan direktorija upute/

Open Source SIEM

OSSIM is the most widely used SIEM offering, thanks in no small part to the open source community that has promoted its use. OSSIM provides all of the capabilities that a security professional needs from a SIEM offering, event collection, normalization, correlation and incident response – but it also does far more. Not simply satisfied with integrating data from existing security tools, OSSIM is built on the Unified Security Management platform which provides a common framework for the deployment, configuration, and management of your security tools.

Today more than 30 open-source security tools are built into this framework, making OSSIM the fastest way to start and the easiest way to manage a comprehensive security program. AlienVault provides ongoing development and support for the project because we believe that everyone should have access to the sophisticated security technologies that are required to keep us secure. This included the companies that are too small to afford, the researchers who need a platform to experiment on, and the unsung heroes who can’t convince their companies that security is a problem.

For users who think they might require the commercial offering whose proceeds are used to continue supporting this project please visit AlienVault to find out more.